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NanoSQL is the fastest and easiest way to get SQL power in your app.

  • Offline storage in the browser and LevelDB support come in the box, with the same API.
  • Elegant undo/redo lets you record changes to the database and roll them back and forward on the fly.
  • Keep track of relationships between tables with the powerful ORM system.
  • Runs in Node, IE9+ & modern browsers.
  • Supports Typescript and most RDBMS functions.
  • Secondary indexes, full event system, and more!
  • Just 18Kb!



Include the below script in your head
<script src=""></script>


1. Run npm install nano-sql --save
2. Include in your app import { nSQL } from "nano-sql";


Use With An Array Of Objects

Use As A Database / Datastore

Live Examples

Express -  React -  Vue -  Angular

Save Your Data Anywhere

NanoSQL supports a wide range of ways to save your data in the browser, on the phone, and on the server.

Included In The Box

  • Memory
  • LevelDB
  • WebSQL
  • Indexed DB
  • Local Storage

SQLite in NodeJS

SQLite in Cordova

Google Cloud Datastore

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