The nanoSQL command line interface allows you to compile data models into typescript interface files.

Usage is as follows:

nsql --outDir www --files file1.ts file2.ts... --watch

If you don't pass --watch the CLI will compile the files into the given directory, then exit. You can also optionally pass --watchPolling with an interval to enable polling on the watch system.

It's important to note the files must be formatted specifically for the CLI to read them correctly.

Each file should have an export named tables that is an array of InanoSQLTableConfig types. The file below is a working example:

import { InanoSQLTableConfig } from "@nano-sql/core/lib/interfaces";

export const tables: InanoSQLTableConfig[] = [
        name: "users",
        model: {
            "id:uuid": {pk: true},
            "age:float": {},
            "name:string[]": {},
            "meta:obj[]": {
                model: {
                    "key:string": {},
                    "value:any": {}
            "*:any": {}

// using the above object in nSQL
import { nSQL } from "@nano-sql/core";
    id: "my_db",
    tables: tables

Assuming the above file is in the root directory of our project named index.ts, we could compile it to a typescript interface file with this command:

nsql --outDir www --files index.ts

The above command would produce the following file:

import { uuid, timeId, timeIdms } from  "@nano-sql/core/lib/interfaces"

export interface IusersTable {
	[key: string]: any;

You can optionally create a file named nsql.json in your project root or pass a configuration json file into the CLI with --package myConfig.json.

If you make a json file the format is this:

    watch: boolean,
    watchPolling: number,
    files: string[],
    outDir: string
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